What to expect from a Tarot reading with me

What to expect from a Tarot reading with me

You sit down with a tarot reader for the first time.  You’re not sure what to expect.  The reader sits across from you and hands you the deck.  The first thing you notice is that it’s larger than you thought it would be and as you wrap your hands around it, you notice the cards are broken in.  This deck has been well used, you think to yourself.

Nervously, you begin to shuffle, wondering what the cards might have to say about your future.  Will you meet a tall dark stranger?  Will the Death card make an appearance? Will I get that job I applied for?  After shuffling and cutting the cards you hand the deck back to the reader and your reading begins.  He turns the first card over and smiles…..

If you’ve never been to a tarot reader before, you may be expecting some dramatic scenario.  It’s easy to believe that because that’s how it is usually portrayed in the movies.

The truth is, a good tarot reader is more like an old friend who uses the cards as a spiritual tool to help you create your own future (you’re always in control, not some unseen power).  Before you step through the tarot door, let’s destroy some of the stereotypes, so you won’t be surprised (or disappointed):

What to expect in a tarot reading from me:

I will treat you with respect, integrity, honesty and kindness.  The mystery and sketchy behavior surrounding the tarot that you often see in movies is not me.

I will exhibit a sincere desire to help you.  I love to see people at their best.  That’s why I decided to go public with my calling.

I will do whatever is necessary to help you feel comfortable telling me about your situation.  I won’t judge you because we all have our own skeletons in our closets.

I will promise you complete confidentiality.  Whatever is discussed in our session will always stay between us.

If you are brand new to tarot, I will explain how my readings work (every reader is different) and I will answer any questions.

I will allow you to record your session.

If something challenging comes up in the reading, I will help you to find strategies. Again, you are always in control of your life.  Life doesn’t just “happen” to you.

I will help you leave your session feeling empowered, enlightened, educated and a little entertained. 

What NOT to expect:

100% accuracy.  No one has the ability to see your entire future.  As your reader, I can see what may be coming based on what “Spirit” show me about your current circumstances, but you can shift gears at any time.  You, are always in control. 

I will not blame your problems on a curse or “entity”.  That takes all of the responsibility out of your hands and is often the sign of an unethical tarot reader. (The next thing you would normally hear is a hard sell for a cleansing that costs big bucks.  If that happens, run away as fast as you can and never look back.)

I will not judge you.  No matter what you tell me.  It’s not up to me to judge you.  I am here to help.  Avoid any reader that makes you feel as though you are a bad person.  Even if a life choice is questionable, you are not a bad person.  You just may be making a poor decision.  No one is perfect.

I do not wear a costume.  Most tarot readers do not wear “fortune teller” costumes.  Most of us are regular, everyday people.  If you are looking for a side show, you will be disappointed.  I can be funny (ask anyone), but I don’t dress funny

I am not a mind reader.  I can’t read your mind or the thoughts of your ex., boss, husband, wife, neighbors, co-worker, etc.  Even if I could, I wouldn’t. 

I will not do a tarot reading about someone that is not present for the reading.  To me, sharing personal information about someone that is not present is the same as eavesdropping.  I consider this to be unethical behavior for a tarot reader.  If you have questions about another person that you have interactions with, I will help you formulate your questions and then proceed with the reading so that the focus is on you, how you perceive the situation and your actions.

Whenever you sit with me for a reading leave your expectations and stereotypes at the door and come in with an open mind.  You may be surprised at how “Spirit” will speak to you and how helpful tarot can be.

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