Current Courses Offered

Classes will resume when the COVID restrictions are lifted.  Please keep checking back for new classes, dates, times and locations!

Beginners Tarot Class

This is a 10 week class that not only teaches you the basics of tarot, but helps you develop your intuition while you learn to read Tarot for yourself and others.  You will receive multiple handouts each night of class that will help you build your very own Tarot book.  On the first night of class you will be required to bring 2 things to class.  The Tarot deck “Legacy of the Divine” by Ciro Marchetti and a writing instrument.  This deck can be purchased from “Whispers – Heal Your World”, at 1700 Woodland Ave in Des Moines.  It can also be purchased online or from a retailer of your choice.                                                  

Cost is $200.00 per person

Advanced Tarot Class

This is an 8 week class that will delve deeper into the meanings of the cards as we study how they relate to finance, love, travel, spiritual development and more.  You will learn how to read “The In-between” and be given tips on how to take your readings to a deeper level.  Also, every week you will be given a new tarot spread to add to your repertoire.  There will be lots of opportunity to develop your new knowledge as you read for one another and guest clients during class.                

Cost is $160.00 per person

Space Clearing

Space Clearing It is an ancient art practiced in many cultures.  Space clearing is not a series of techniques applied in a random order to clear negativity from your home.  Each step in a space clearing builds upon the foundation put in place by the previous steps.  Space clearing is a higher level of (spiritual) house cleaning and it is essential to the energetic care of your home.  I will show you how to use techniques that incorporate all 5 elements (air, water, fire, earth and spirit) to help you clear the negativity out of your home, return it to a place of positivity and transform it into a place of inspiration, creativity, love and beauty.  This is a one day class that is usually held on a Saturday with a total of 4 hours of education.  Lunch is included.  All you need to bring is a writing instrument, an open mind and a heart ready to learn.  When you leave, you will take with you a new perspective, knowledge and a gift bag with supplies to help you with your first space clearing.                         

Cost is $75.00 per person.